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Projecting a Win: Phoenix Rising After the Chase Contest

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Phoenix Rising's projects would contribute substantially to the ME/CFS community[/caption]

In this series of blogs we're going to focus on what ME/CFS organizations would do with their Chase winnings and we're going to start with (naturally :)) Phoenix Rising.

Phoenix Rising has many projects it could spend the Chase winnings on; it could make the Forum more accessible to the visually impaired, hire a crisis counselor to help those in need, revamp the website to make it more effective, create a Community Marketplace, etc. but we're going to focus on two projects that fit together - the Rate A Physician and the Community Rising projects.

Rate A Practitioner Program

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Phoenix Rising's Rate a Practitioner project will save ME/CFS patients time, money and health by helping them find better practitioners faster[/caption]

Everyone knows how difficult it is find a good practitioner. Most people spend years and a great deal of money before they find someone, if they ever do, who can significantly alleviate their symptoms.

But what if, with one click, they could cut short that process and quickly find the best doctors in their area? They would save time, precious money and most importantly of all, their health.

The Rate A Practitioner Program from Phoenix Rising will help patients find the right practitioners for them. This is not your standard doctor review program; its a comprehensive examination of costs and benefits aimed straight at ME/CFS patients needs.

Simply by clicking on a map and reading the reviews patients will be able to determine who
  • Is the most effective
  • Has the most experience
  • Fits their budget
  • is most likely to help their kind of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • to stay away from..

This program will not only determine which practitioners are most effective but
  • which types of practitioners are the most effective
  • how important experience is in treating this illness
  • who gives patients the most bang for their buck

Phoenix Rising’s Rate a Practitioner program in concert with its Community Rising Google Maps program will give you quick and easy access to the information you to make informed choices for yourselves and your loved ones. No more casting about blindly for help; let Phoenix Rising and the ME/CFS community help you decide.

The Community Rising Program

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Patients will be able to find friends, rate doctors and attorneys, solicit assistance, find treatment trials, etc. through the Community Rising project[/caption]

The Community Rising program fits hand in glove with the "Rate A Practitioner Program". A Google Mashup Maps program this program will, by putting information on a Google map, help you find the best practitioners, attorneys, neuropsychologists, etc. around you, help you to find ME/CFS friends in your area and list your needs and get them resolved - all within the secure environment of the Forums...It's a big project but we think its worth it. It's about building virtual ME/CFS communities on the web...and real ones on the ground.

This program will help break the physical isolation present for many in the ME/CFS community, help patients find volunteers to assist them in basic tasks, direct patients to better doctors, attorneys, etc. - all within the secure and private confines of the Phoenix Rising Forums.

Voting on Chase Community Giving

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