Prohealth Prime Day offer...don't forget Amz Smile for PR


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Trying to figure out where to post this today:

It's $10 credit to use on Prime Day if you order something over $10 from their Shop Now list of products before Prime day. (Link for that and details of the offer further down that page.)

Anyway, I like their Vitamin D Extreme (soy free) so I'm probably going to try the offer. They also have a slightly cheaper version with the same dosage on the first page of products but that one has soy. (They have a lot of pages of products so it doesn't have to be Vitamin D you buy.)

Also don't forget if you use the link on this page to sign up for Amazon Smile and pick PR as your charity it helps PR: (instructions about half way down the page.

**I do wonder if you have to be a Prime Member to take advantage of the offer. I am but thought I'd mention that as well.

Edit: Hope this is okay for me to post this. I don't have any affiliation with ProHealth or Amazon. I just wanted to help others save money on supplements. Moderators, please take the post down if it is not allowed.
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