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Programs/organizations/people that analyze an individual's 23andMe data (either free or for a fee)


Senior Member
I am collecting information about programs/organizations/people (aside from medical practitioners who do this as a part of a medical consultation) that analyze an individual's 23andMe genetic data, either free or for a fee. (I am putting them in a list of methylation information that I have posted on the forum and am trying to keep updated, as a general resource.)

I have 8 at the moment, and I am wondering if there are any others out there which I have missed.

Also, I am wondering if all my current information is correct, and if there is anything else I can add about any of these services.

Current list:


cost: free (a donation is optional)
by kday, member of PhoenixRising kday

cost: free
(not yet named)
by Valentijn, member of PhoenixRising (and by Mr. Valentijn) Valentijn
for more information and to give input to the developers, see: http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/creating-snp-panels-feedback-on-appearance.23555/

cost: free
Minor Allele Program
by Ian Logan

cost: either free, $2, or $5, depending on the option you select
by SNPedia

cost: $20
by Dr. Kwame Iwegbue and Florence Iwegbue

cost: $20
MTHFRsupport Reports
by Sterling Hill

cost: reportedly $50 (the price does not seem to be published online, but a PhoenixRising member who purchased this report said in a thread that it cost $50)
Living Wellness Personalized Video Report
by Thane Frederickson
Genetic Genie Methylation Analysis Demo - part 1 - video
http://www.youtube. com/watch?v =2hZy8nr-vi8 (to watch, take out the spaces in front of "com" and "=")
Genetic Genie Methylation Analysis Demo - part 2 - video
http://www.youtube. com/watch?v =kBsfq2_qRqw (to watch, take out the spaces in front of "com" and "=")

cost: free
Note: The above site publishes your data in the public domain (their FAQ page says, "The data will then be openly available for the world to see and download"). You may wish to consider the ramifications of publicly revealing your 23andMe dataset as a whole. These days, once something is online, even if you try to remove it later, there will be many copies that you won't be able to erase. If you do decide to upload your data there, it would be prudent to remove your real name from your 23andMe file, and to create a user name for that site which you don't use elsewhere and which does not contain identifying information.
On the plus side, the site is reported by PhoenixRising members to provide users with an automated Ian Logan "Minor Allele Program" report (which otherwise is somewhat complicated and time-consuming to create on one's own).


Senior Member
Bluebell You have been wonderful at getting PR more organized Thank you Do you know where the thread is that talks about the Living Wellness report? Thats one I had not heard about. I will see if I can find it but thought you may know. I would like to see what they thought of the service and how much useful info they got.