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Professor Edward Bullmore:"The inflamed mind."


This new work and book by Professor Edward Bullmore a psychiatrist at Cambridge University should be of interest to many ME & CFS sufferers too.I haven't read his book as yet but, I have listened to him on the Radio(4?) and I have watched his videos on you tube.Many with ME & CFS will have experienced depression at some stage and Professor Bullmore talks about how inflammation is linked with depression.High levels of inflammation too are associated with and linked to most chronic diseases including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis .gum disease,asthma and diabetes...and probably in ME /CFS too.This new science Professor Bullmore terms "Neuro-immunology."...dealing with connections between the nervous system,the brain and the immune system.

Here are some links to Professor Bullmore and his work....
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme 'The Inflamed Mind' 20 04 2018

A New Approach to Depression | Professor Edward Bullmore | RSA Replay

Book:The Inflamed Mind: A radical new approach to depression Hardcover – 26 Apr 2018


Senior Member
interesting I am not a scientist or a doctor but I have always felt that their is a biological reason for all so called mental health problems/disorders. as for lacking motivation when your suffering an illness that is natures way of protecting the herd if your not up and about socialising then your not potentially passing on whatever infection you have shame this process often kicks in after the infectious period.