Prof De Meirleir on antivirals, June 2008


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This has been out for over a year from the HHV6 conference but with the recent talk about antivirals in ME/CFS I think it's worth a listen. Short 11 minutes presentation touches on Valtrex, Nexavir, Famvir, Azithromycin, Amantadine, Ampligen and Thymalfasin.

Thymalfasin is a relatively new drug used for Hep C. Some people in Europe are using it for ME/CFS with good results.

Conclusion: Several antivirals and immunomodulators induce clinically significant positive effects in patients suffering from CFS. Outcome of these therapies in clinical studies is based on the selection of specific subgroups of patients; the latter depends largely on resolving outstanding diagnostic issues.

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De Meileir

You're welcome Maxine. I love your "hysterical woman" line...:)

And thanks again Tony for posting the link to him speaking. I have read a good bit of DeMeileir's opinions about CFS and his own work, but it becomes so much clearer to me when I can hear it verbalized.

Glad you like the "hysterical woman" line. Because, of course, we are all just hysterical women (even on this list) regardless of how serious our physical illnesses are, what gender we are, and whether we have ever been hysterical at any point in our lives! Sigh, I just don't understand how some in the medical establishment can do this people. Thank goodness for the docs and researchers who "get it".

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