Productivity and Remuneration for the Brain Fogged

For those who experience brain fog how do you deal with the fustration of not being able to do anything useful for large parts of the day.

In terms of physical activity my symptoms aren't too bad, I would consider myself mild. I can get out and about without problems. Excercise or sustained strenuous work does cause problems, so a lot of jobs are out of the equation.

I currently do some volunteer work just one day a week for 4 hours, it is on the telephone and leaves me drained at the end of it. I seem to have very little mental stamina and so It would be a struggle to work a job even if it is sendentary. Most jobs that are not mentally demanding are too physical and so I'm left with much choice. I suppose cleaning jobs would be doable if the hours are less, not too demanding mentally or physically. Although I'd hate to be seen by someone I know doing that job, the sad truth is society looks down on people working those jobs, they assume lack of intelligence or laziness.

Other than that I don't see many options, I feel too brain fogged and tired to start an online business. I love art but whenever I pick up the pencil or stylus I have to force myself to draw and then my brain gets tired. So large portions of day feel a waste, either sleeping or on the internet. I have taken some measures to try to be more productive they are as follows:

  • Learning a new langauge on smart phone with apps such as duolingo
  • Watch a film on netflix (I know not productive for some, but better than watching pointless videos on youtube) plus it gives you something to talk about
  • Read books fiction and non-fiction, again gives you something to talk about
This is both a vent and question so would appreciate if any else is in a similar situation.
Like you I love art and purchased some items including a digital drawing tablet. That was put to one side because the fog along with the other various issues caused by ME/CFS made it impossible to concentrate.
Before this illness I would have stuck with it and perhaps created something pleasing to the eye, then again perhaps not.

I prefer not to sit for prolonged periods on a computer and seriously limit my use of digital devices except the digital radio.
These days tending to the plants outdoors is the best escape I can recommend to anyone. I've learned so much about gardening I've surpassed myself :)


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As you find physical things not too bad to do, then if you like animals and could cope with the idea of volunteering -maybe twice a week (?) for an hour or so at a time, then your local animal rescue would be so pleased.
Even if it's just to play with a cat or walk a dog who otherwise would be bored and isolated in their cage.
It would make such a difference to their lives. Most have been abandoned, surrendered for a million excuses, or owners have died, etc. And some have been abused.
Getting to know and help these dear little Souls can be so fulfilling and energising too. They give back as good as they get.

That sort of work wouldn't pay money of course, but might be more pleasant to cope with. Dogs don't mind if you're brain fogged so long as you remember the dog biscuits! And remember where you are going! haha
Cats don't give a hoot anyway. So long as you can drag a shoelace along the ground with the correct timing!

Four hours on the telephone would drain me too. Though I am sure the work you do there is worthwhile.
Starting an online business is gruelling hard work. I know. I did it from 2007 to 2016. It sounds easy. Buy things in for X price and sell them retail for XX price and you're home and dry!...haha
Then there's website work, design, customer base, monthly newsletter, networking, phone calls at all times, times when you have to fight for search engine ranking, times when there are no orders no matter what you exhausting.
I made a meagre living, but only just from it, and it was hours and hours of work, mostly crammed into the evenings when I was already tired.
There are those who sail through it -who have wonderful ideas and network etc, so they are successful and make money, so it can happen. All I knew was what I knew and it was hard work for a meagre living.
Now I'm retired and get my pension thank goodness.

But it's nice to be creative. So whatever interests you -do it. Even if it's only a small thing. I love it when I've painted a door or window frame and it looks fresh and clean. Even that.

I spend a lot of time composing music but have inadequate software to give it to the world....sigh. Music is in my veins constantly. I couldn't stop myself making up tunes if I wanted to. But it lifts my spirits. Even if I am feeling mighty unwell.