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POTS in Covid Long-Haulers


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I have been pretty well distracted by the exigencies of my life of late, so may well be behind the news cycle on this. If so....apologies for redundancy. However, I was--can I say excited or is that reprehensible?--to see that POTS is being discussed as a long-term consequence of infection with Covid-19.


Many of us have experienced an uptick in hope that somehow our mostly invisible suffering will be seen, now that people with a 'legitimate' illness etiology are being diagnosed with ME/CFS or post-viral illness of an indeterminate sort. Similarly, if POTS is a diagnosis now being given to long-haulers, that means that perhaps those of us with POTS can hope for more research money, treatment and diagnostic emphasis, physician awareness and education, and possibly even improved outcomes--better lives--- beyond those we currently have available to us.