Post-Pandemic Considerations for Forward-Thinking Congregations: Zooming for Jewish Disability Inclusion Sunday, June 27, 10 am ET


Moderation Resource Albuquerque
(Posted on behalf of Rivka Solomon)

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The Synagogue Council of Massachusetts--All Denominations Welcome
Everyone welcome (via zoom)​
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In this post-pandemic era as we re-gather in person, how do we do so without leaving anybody out?
  • As we regather in the post-pandemic era, how do we not leave anybody out?
  • Should remote access continue in the post-pandemic era?
  • Why is this important to people with disabilities and others?
  • Why use Zoom over unidirectional livestream?

If the pandemic has a silver-lining, it may be Zoom gatherings. Zoom has provided many of us with opportunities to gather even when we are not able to be together physically. Zoom has offered new opportunities for people who cannot usually come to synagogue to fully participate in their Jewish communities; including those with disabilities, those who cannot drive, and those joining from a distance.

This program is intended to develop Jewish disability awareness, provide education and motivate action. This will be an opportunity to hear a variety of stories from people with disabilities. Our goal is to support the adaptive changes we have made during the pandemic so that those who are not able to join their congregations in-person can still fully participate in their Jewish communities.

Everyone is welcome to join us for this one-hour community-wide forum. We especially encourage synagogue decision-makers to attend.​
ASL signing will be included in this program.​
Event Speakers

Jacob Speaks
Works with a number of disability groups with a focus on those recently diagnosed with spinal cord diseases. Jacob chairs the Non-Exclusion Committee at the JCA.

Rivka Solomon
Writer, disabled disability advocate and organizer with the Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association. Member of the JCA. She recently published an essay with the Washington Post.

Rebecca Redner
Educational specialist at Gateways: Access to Jewish Education in Boston. When not teaching, she spends most of her time working from bed due to the post-viral illness ME/CFS.

Rabbi Benjamin Weiner
Spiritual leader of the Jewish Community of Amherst, writer, scholar of Yiddish and Irish literature, musician and homesteader. (More at