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Possible new avenue for drug development affecting multiple diseases


Daughters High School Graduation
Upstate SC, USA
This study showed up a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just getting around to posting it due to the holidays. It got my attention due to the subject is "misfolded proteins".


I know Dr. Baraniuk's studies have noted the presence of misfolded proteins in CSF of ME/CFS patients. The attached study references them under the "Amyloid Proteins:" section in this study.


There was another study recently posted here that referenced "misfolded proteins", but I can't remember which one or who the author was. Misfolded proteins seem to be prevalent in many diseases, but were never a target for treatment. This could possibly change in the very near future as this has got to get the attention of the pharmaceutical companies now.

Could a phase or step in the creation or effects of misfolded proteins cause a significant change in ME/CFS at the approximately 3 year point in the disease?