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Positive aspects of being ill


I am writing this to share my ideas ... that all our sufference, pain, fear is not 100% negative, but has some positive sides too.
First of all, everything in the world has a light and a dark side: everything has two faces.
Secondly, Chaos cannot exist without Order, day is bound to night, pain has not sense if compared to health.
So I found that my illness taught me some things.
It taught me that sickness makes health good and pleasant.
It taught me that we need to fight all the time to reach our goals, our dreams.
It taught me that sun is new every day: every day is the opportunity for a better future.
Every day is a possibility, not just “another day spent”.
Sickness made me feel strong, despite physically weak.
It made some relationships stronger and other weaker, showing me who are my true friends.
It made me know people I really thrust and like.

So, although I hate being sick and in excruciating pain all the time, I recognise that this condition changed my life in positive too ... it made me grow, become adult.
In this, I can feel God is trying to test my faith. And even if I don’t firmly believe in God (I admit my faith is weaker than before), I still want to believe: in him but moreover in the people I love, in my dreams, in myself.
And in my ability to hope that things will get better.


Senior Member
I think physical illness makes many of us more beautiful people - more open, more patient, more forgiving. You can't run away from yourself in frenzied activity, and it puts many people in a position of willingness to serve others. Plenty of people with good health are on the same path - but losing your health can be a boost in that respect.

Juanita Vee

Senior Member
Edmonton, AB
My sister told me some of her least favourite people are the ones that are in the best health for their age, they are very selfish and ignorant. I agree with Marylib, being sick is a huge boost to become more beautiful, but also anyone can travel that path. If you are someone who takes care of a sick member, you walk that path too! thank you all caretakers and supportive friends, family, and loved ones :)

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
I am writing this to share my ideas ... that all our sufference, pain, fear is not 100% negative, but has some positive sides too.

This was a lovely post, and I'm glad it surfaced as I'd missed it before.

There are so many positive things and you've hit on some of them.

This experience is hard, but its making us better human beings, inside our hearts perhaps...

I will never look at the suffering of others in the same way, not after experiencing this.

I was likely living on the surface of things, and all this has modified my life in alot of ways...that deepen and intensify it- in a good way.

We see that none of us are really exempted. Something will cross our paths, cast a shadow, challenge us.

As tough as this is, I don't really wish to chose- another path. For now, it seems like this is somehow where I am supposed to be. :hug:


Senior Member
Thank u for sharing ...
I feel having this is making me grow up too ...have a strength I didn't know was possible ,accept. Feel my humanness ..
Lean on a spiritual power ...
Feel the enjoyment in seemingly small things that now feel so valuable.
Life is precious ..
I feel I'm living on a prayer
A thin line
The wind