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POLL: Low Dose Abilify

For those who have taken low-dose Abilify, did it improve your ME / CFS symptoms?

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Here is a poll for those people who have tried low dose Abilify. Another poll will follow to gauge Abilify tolerance / “poop out”.

For purposes of this poll, please utilize the ME / CFS scale of very severe, severe, moderate, mild or remission.

So, a 1 level improvement would be moving from severe to moderate, or moderate to mild.

You can change your response at a later date if things change.

Please share your story in the comments, including what dosages you took and whether dosages were daily, every other day etc.

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A description of the very severe, severe, moderate, mild and remission levels of ME/CFS ➤ HERE, and also pasted below:
● Those with mild ME/CFS may be working full or part time, but struggle to do so. Of necessity they may have stopped or curtailed all leisure and social pursuits.

● Those with moderate ME/CFS are generally not able to work, probably don't leave the house much, have to perform domestic chores slowly with breaks and rests, and may need 1 or 2 hour's nap in the middle of day.

● Those with severe ME/CFS are more-or-less fully housebound, and likely bedbound (or lying horizontal on a sofa) for much of the day. They are unable to leave the house except on rare occasions, and usually dependent on a wheelchair for mobility, except for very short walks within the home or garden. They find domestic chores like cooking or any form of housework very difficult or impossible.

● Those with very severe ME/CFS will bedbound nearly 24 hours day, except for a few minutes each day to go to the bathroom. Dependent on help for all daily care. Often unable to tolerate any noise, and are generally extremely sensitive to light.

If you have answered this poll, you may also like to answer the Abilify tolerance / poop out poll as well.
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