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Please sign to thank our ME/CFS experts for their letter to HHS


Senior Member
Author: Mary DImmock
Target: Authors of the September 23 letter to Secretary Sebelius
On September 23, thirty-five of the leading ME/CFS experts sent a letter to Secretary Sebelius announcing that they had reached consensus on the use of the Canadian Consensus Criteria as the sole definition for ME/CFS and urging HHS to abandon its plans to contract the Institute of Medicine to develop its own criteria for ME/CFS.

This is a remarkable and unprecedented letter.

Please join us in applauding and supporting these experts for showing exactly the kind of leadership and courage that is needed to change the future for ME/CFS patients.
Thank you to our ME/CFS experts!
Supporting our researchers in this way will make it make it more likely that they will go to bat for us against HHS. We need more than patient and carers voices to be heard.