Pineapple fund--donation to OMF increased to $5 million!


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The bitcoin transaction they quote on their website is for 400 bitcoins, but only part of that went to the OMF. The other part went to a change address (i.e. it went back to the PineappleFund). You don't need to understand why that happens, it's just a normal part of the bitcoin protocol.

As per the Pineapple Fund website, $2m of the total $5m has been donated so far. Bitcoin has just seen a dramatic fall in value, so we will have to wait and see whether or not that affects the final donation amount.

Apologies for posting this on Reddit before the final transaction went through and the OMF had confirmed receipt. As @Ben H mentioned, we should be cautiously optimistic about this, but wait until the money is in the bank to party.
Good thing they didn' keep the bitcoin last time. It went down so much.

Too bad they won' keep the bitcoin this time either. It will probably go up so much.

(Actually, noone knows what' going on with bitcoin atm. Crazy bitcoin)

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Two weeks ago, on January 14, 2018, OMF received a $1 million donation from the Pineapple Fund to “accelerate much-needed research for ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases."

The Pineapple Fund was so moved by the outpouring of appreciation from our US and international OMF family, that today they have increased their commitment with an additional $4 million donation through bitcoin to bring their total support to $5 million! Linda Tannenbaum, OMF CEO/President, believes the additional donation was made in response to the overwhelming gratitude expressed by the patient community on Reddit and other social media.

OMF has received thousands of likes and comments on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Patients and family members have been moved to tears by this exciting news. Here are two examples of the heartfelt gratitude:
“Thank you for giving hope to people suffering with this disease. My son has had it for about 10 years, most of that time it was not recognized as an illness, let alone a serious one. A life full of exhaustion and pain may come to an end soon for him and other sufferers.” Ann W.

“Thank you, Pineapple Fund, for seeing beyond the cloak of invisibility laid upon this horrid illness and recognizing the desperate need. The hope this provides is palpable.” Liane B.

To each and every person who expressed their appreciation, we thank you! Your actions and positive reactions have truly helped advance research.

This additional funding will drive research already underway in several key areas: creating a diagnostic test for ME/CFS; scaling up patient data analysis; accelerating the development of new technology to identify treatment options; and ultimately, research towards a cure.

Expressing support for the work of OMF, “Pine” from the Pineapple Fund said in a recent message: “I had known about ME/CFS for a while, and I know it is a serious condition without much in the way of treatment or research. I've recently received letters of support from esteemed academics in the field strongly supporting OMF, and that helped me make the decision!"

We are tremendously grateful to the Pineapple Fund for igniting OMF's research and delivering hope!

Are there any words for this?!!!!!

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Are there any words for this?!!!!!
I think saying Thank you! five million times would do but the PEM would be overwhelming. Hopefully a large majority of us with CFS/ME will split up the five million thank you's and flood Pine with our individual gratitude.

I hope the appreciation in this thread will be passed on to Pine.