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Does anyone else deal with this as a symptom? Is it common in ME?

I can barely look at a computer or television for more than 10 minutes anymore without my eyes beginning to feel like they are on fire. My vision in general has been degrading as well.


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Ventura, CA
typical symptom of things like mold toxins, or other bio toxins, I think you should try Dr. Shoemakers protocol as soon as possible! You would benefit greatly!


p.s. every time I herx from lyme my vision is so blurred I feel like I am gonna go blind lol!


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Pretty common in general, and not necessarily from mold. I've had it from day one and I know I got it from a virus.

I have to wear sunglasses when I'm inside where lights are on. I never turn my own lights on.

I also now have a ton of floaters, dry eye syndrome and have been unable to get new glasses. You might want to get some preservative free eye drops. The ones in vials are the best. That will help the burning. I use these. They are the biggest ones I've found


Try F. Lux for your computer. It's a free download that dims the screen. Works great for me.


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Sadly it's a common symptom in ME. Sun glasses and eye masks are you new best friend. :/
I would add to this HATS. I have about 8 of them at least by now. I must go everywhere with
wide brimmed hats as well as sun glasses. Multiple sleep masks as well!! The bright lights
are a killer and florescent lights can bring on a 911 emergency if I am under them more than

Xhale, I am so sorry that you are beginning to have these problems. They came about for me
over time....later on in the illness. Try to prevent issues as much as possible if you can even
try sunglasses indoors with the TV (sometimes that helps as well.)