Petition to raise awareness of me/cfs



Hi guys, I dont know whether anyone has heard before, but my brother has started a petition to raise awareness of ME/CFS. he has been a sufferer of ME for the past 8 years but only diagnosed 3 years ago. He spoke to our local MP a few weeks stating his concerns of lack of funding, research and treatment for anybody suffering from the above condition. He was advised to start a petition by our local MP which once we have a lot of signatures he will than take it to parliament on my brothers behalf. We would really appreciate all the support we can get by signing this petition and getting all family members and friends to sign it. The link is:

We also have set up a group on facebook which is Justice for CFS/ME it would be great if people could also join this as a memebr that way we can keep everyone supporting us up to date on how the petition is going.

Many thanks for all supporting, lets hope we can finally make a difference.

Germaine Benson