Pesticides Linked to RA, Lupus Risk


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Thanks Shrewsbury, this looks like a pretty big finding, and as one of the clinicians noted in the discussion thread, it's always nice to have what so many of us know from personal experience finally demonstrated in the form of evidence that's required for truth to prevail.

This comment on the discussion thread is a nicely transparent representation of the philosophy of The Lobby, as articulated by the Living Marxism crowd before they infiltrated the UK's scientific media to push their 'anti-green' agenda:

varian keller - Feb 02, 2011
Of course this all ignores the fact that pesticides have perhaps been the single most important factor contributing to the vast populations the planet now supports. In any case as this study demonstrates the risk is remarkably low for the vast benefits delivered.

Or in other words: so what, you are ignoring that pesticides kill pests; if some people get crippled by them that's just tough for them, the victims of what we call progress should be ignored and you shouldn't be listening to them or researching what made them ill - and I can now call the risk 'low' if I like...look: pesticides are cool, and I should know, I have shares in the whole thing.

I suspect, as you do Shrewsbury, that pretty much all of these things are going to come into play with XMRV, because XMRV explains how any toxic exposures can lead to chronic consequences...thanks for posting this.


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yeah this is kind of obvious for folk who look at this over the years, alos in regards to ME, look at the "sheep dip and organophosphate poisoning" and how it relates.

inhuman, evil scum, jeesh :(
Hubris, all they care about is $$$ and their own ego, it's the old "you can't make omelettes without breaking eggs" moral relativistic evil.
time after time, it's been found out eventually the "super duper advance!" is a nightmare in the end.

And the sum total of our arrogance is gonna be one dozy of a butcher's bill...
-climate change
-long lived heavy radionucleides
-organophosphates (check up on them, the only difference between an insecticide and Sarin nerve gas is the WMD is designed to affect mammals more than arthropods)
-heavy metals from industry

etc etc...