People in the UK: Petition for Funding for Research/Cures/Treatments for ME/CFS and Long COVID


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The problem with this petition is that unfortunately the British government does fund research into ME/CFS research, about £10 million worth every year. The problem is that all of its CBT, GET and obesity based other than one study which is DecodeME. So its very easy to bat this one back because they are already doing what is in the petition, its ill informed. Any movement and call for research needs to intentionally call for the exclusion of the prior methods that have not worked, a reallocation of funds towards research in biological mechanism and pathology. I think even trials on drugs would get wasted at this point given what they funded for Long Covid.

So this is one I haven't signed because its nieve and ill informed and I suspect its why its numbers aren't great.


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BTW It's not my Petition, someone posted it on another forum so I wanted to give it a little help and get it some signatures.