PEM/ What is it?

I'm wondering because I'm pretty sure i have CFS. RLC has been nice enough to answer a lot of questions for me. Although, I was wondering if this is considered PEM. I work as a nurse and all day long I am moving very fast on my feet. Everyday when i wake up I'm extremely tired with a sore throat and feeling very malaise. Would this be considered PEM? This is a hallmark symptom, correct?


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Hi Ryan, here's a definition of PEM for you it discribes it as intense exhustion that last for more then 24 hours, I feel what your dicribing dosen't really fit if your able to work the next day, but it's not surprising that your feel the way you do the next morning, if your having to work so hard while sick. hope this helps

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Actually that could be PEM if you are only mildly to moderately affected. The way to prove it would to be to have some time off and see if that feeling clears. Then if you would engage in similar activities again if it would come back.

Ryan, you should check into your disability coverage. Do you have short and long term coverage through work, any state coverage, or just SSDI?

If you can no longer work full time, then you should consider applying. The reason is that if you work part time long enough, then your claim will be based on your part time income, not your full time income.