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Pelvic Congestion Syndrome


Senior Member
I know a lot people have endocrine problems and co-existing illnesses like endometriosis. I have endo but developed new symptoms that I think may be Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.

Anyone have that, or any info about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment?

Also, I've been reading about OI and blood pooling in the legs or abdomen but haven't found much info about it pooling in the pelvic region. But couldn't that equally be a problem?


Senior Member
That's an interesting thought. I'm currently taking a Taoist Chinese herb combination for releasing congested chi in the lower body. Endometriosis is one of the Western symptoms related to this. So are hemorrhoids and infections in the uro-genital system. I haven't used these herbs for this purpose, but I have used some of their other combinations and I've been impressed. The name is "Unlock" and you can read more about it at www.taohealingherbs.com (click the "herb" button and then look through their teas for the name). If you're interested, I can report later on how it's working for me. I've only been using it about 10 days so it's early on yet.

I didn't know until tonight about the blood-pooling thing, but I just felt heavy and congested and numb in my lower body and felt this might address that. I think there are other things going on besides the blood pooling (my kidneys ache a lot), but the blood pooling thing could certainly be a factor. Now I'm wondering if inverted yoga poses would be helpful for this.