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PART 2 of BLOOD FEUD by Mindy Kitei

I've posted Part 2 of my article "BLOOD FEUD" at cfscentral.com.

Researching and writing this article have taken a lot of time, hard work and expense. Google AdSense has denied my request for ads on my site, saying: "We believe that your site does not add value or provide unique content." I am appealing Google's decision. I believe the best way to reverse Google's ruling is to bring more readers to this just-launched site.

Some people may not realize that my article is copyrighted material. Any person may quote from up to two paragraphs from "BLOOD FEUD: Part 2" on this forum as long as he/she gives attribution. For more information on copyright, click on the "copyright" link at the footer on my website (cfscentral.com).

Mindy Kitei


Senior Member
Thanks for this information, Mindy. It is SO important for all of us to respect copyright! I certainly hope Google will reverse its ruling.
Mindy is there anything we can do as a community to show google they are wrong?

That's thoughtful of you, dsdmom. It would be great if Forum readers who disagree with Google's ruling, which states, "We believe that your site does not add value or provide unique content" would let Google know that you respectfully disagree.

In its email to me rejecting CFS Central from Google's AdSense ads, Google didn't supply an email address for me to reply to, and there's no number to call. So I trawled around on the net and found this email address: adsense-support@google.com and wrote back on Friday, appealing Google's decision. I have not heard back from Google. (I hope my email didn't end up on the island of lost luggage and right-handed gloves.)

If any readers have a better email for Google, it would helpful to know it.

Given Google's AdSense rejection and my need to bring in enough revenue to meet my CFS Central expenses, I'm investigating other, more targeted, ads for the site that are out of Google's AdSense domain.

Thank you so much,
CFS Central