Oxymatrine - anyone using w/family w/strong autoimmune tendencies?

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Hi, guys. Sorry I haven't been around. Health and all has been worst for awhile now, trying to survive, right now I'm siiiiinking (physically, thankfully not mentally too, though this is all so hard).

Anyways, as some know I've been wanting and trying to start oxymatrine for quite some time. Still pushing to try to make it happen. I have it bought since November.

Just found out my mom has severe arthritis.

Not sure if that is a deal breaker for me starting it. I really hope not. I have so much hope riding on this (starting oxymatrine and improving some - preferably lots), yet at the same time realistic about how these things may go.

Curious anyone that has tried oxymatrine, especially if you use it with seeing Dr. Chia,
do any of your parents or close family have strong autoimmune tendencies?
And with that he recommended for you to still take it? (If you're not comfortable posting it on the forum please PM me. I'll keep it confidential.)

I saw Dr. Chia over 4 years ago. Can't get back, too far, can't drive or do the trip. I wrote him later but I can't write him again for advice when I haven't been able to pursue this and I can't come see him.

Feed back anyone? I know it won't be professional medical advice and it will apply to your particular health or knowledge. I just need more information to make decisions with. Thank you so much for anything! :)

I've been thinking of you all as we deal with this beast and as we keep fighting to try to change it and make it better, or keep fighting just to survive. :hug: Don't give up and take care.
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I bought some too and was going to make my own version of Equilibrant minus the yeast-based selenium, mushroom and food dyes which I cannot have but then @Hip said Dr Chia doesn't advise taking it if you have a personal or family history of autoimmune, which I have both.

:(I was pretty disappointed when I heard that but thought it wise not to push it. However, I must admit, I've still been tempted to try it sometimes. :(

As an alternative, I use Red Marine Algae. My ME/CFS is most likely HHV-6 based and one seller in the UK said it is useful for that. I do feel a 1% bump in energy which is still noticeable and helpful when I need to get something done but am especially draggy at the time.

However, I get heart thumps (just 1-2 in a day) when I use it probably because of the Iodine content. (I did try it 40 days straight originally but it wasn't really a game changer.:()

Wish I could advise you. I think it is a good question worth bringing up again.


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@Hip said Dr Chia doesn't advise taking it if you have a personal or family history of autoimmune, which I have both.
I believe the reason Dr John Chia does not advise oxymatrine for ME/CFS patients with autoimmune tendencies — ie, a strong personal or family history of autoimmune illness — is that there appears to be a risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr Chia said he found 1 in 500 ME/CFS patients on the oxymatrine treatment developed rheumatoid arthritis. That statement comes from a transcript of Chia's Invest in ME London conference 2010 presentation, where he talks about his oxymatrine / Equilibrant research.

Apparently the 1 in 500 patient who developed rheumatoid arthritis had "a very strong family history of rheumatoid arthritis, l and was having severe joint pain even before the herbal [oxymatrine] treatment."

In this article about oxymatrine, Dr Chia defines what he means by autoimmune tendencies:
Autoimmune tendency means a strong family history of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, autoimmune thyroiditis (especially Graves disease), multiple sclerosis, and if the patients have joint pain with positive rheumatoid factor and persistently positive ANA.

With the use of other potent Chinese herbs and oxymatrine over the last several years, we have seen two patients develop rheumatoid arthritis (presented at the Reno meeting and London IiME, London meeting).