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Ouch: Disability Talk by BBC with Jen Brea


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If you click on the link, you will be able to listen to the 19 minute interview between Jen Brea and the BBC's Natasha Lipman who also has the disease.

ME - The movie
Ouch: Disability Talk
Jennifer Brea has ME, known to many as chronic fatigue syndrome, and is director of the multi-award winning documentary film Unrest.

In it, she documents her personal journey by video on a smart phone - including those moments where she finds herself lying flat out on the floor.

She and husband Omar spoke to the BBC's Natasha Lipman who also has the condition.


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Loved this interview with Jen and Omar.

Omar, if you happen to find this post, thank you! Like you, my husband has always been my dearest friend, my advocate, my supporter, my rock - and after 44 years of marriage with 31 of those years lived in the shadows of ME, our marriage has been all the richer for it. But as Jen points out, chronic illnesses can drive some apart, while bringing others closer. I hope other couples might be encouraged by this interview because we are who we, regardless of our limitations. As my mom used to say, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonaide" - And you two are certainly doing that!

God bless you.
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Jen and Omar have done such a remarkable job of bringing notice to the world of our illness. I found this a very touching interview that didn't shy away from going into some of the interpersonal challenges of being ill. Feeling isolated is one of our enemies; being alone without close relationships can make our lives feel feel so very small. I really appreciated this discussion.