Osteoporosis and kynurenine?

One of the unexpected things I was dxd with in the discovery of my cfs/me was osteoporosis. A massive 4 SD below the norm for my age, 50, so in terms of density I have the bones of a 90 year old. All hormones are normal. Interestingly whilst I was listening to Ron Davis Kynurenine theory I googled it and I guess because I have googled osteoporosis a hundred times I found a number of studies linking peripheral kynurenine with lower bone density.
Whilst I realise people with cfs/me are less active and prone to a decrease in BD I'm wondering if the kynurenine theory would fit, does this mean more kynurenine in peripheral tissues. If you Google kynurenine and osteoporosis you see a number of studies on this.