Orthostatic intolerance and vision problems

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I’ve noticed that my eyesight has worsened significantly over the last six months or so. I thought I just needed a new prescription, but that didn’t help. I’ve just done some research, and it turns out that visual problems are common with ME/CFS, which surprised me, because I’ve rarely seen it mentioned. Tunnel vision, poor peripheral vision, and occasionally I see double for a while. It appears to be related to orthostatic hypotension, which I have, and the resulting impeding of blood/oxygen to the brain. I’m wondering, Has anyone else experienced this? If you took/take a drug for hypotension, did your vision improve/go back to normal?


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occasionally I see double for a while.

I finally figured out why I get the double vision. It's because on some days my pupils are different sizes and then when bright light hits them, they can't adjust at the same rate.

I've always been able to feel that "googly" feeling (my best description) but never had looked into the mirror to notice the different pupil sizes until a few years ago when I was trying gluten again and got that feeling really badly. It makes the brain fog worse too.

The other day I felt it and sure enough one was very much larger than they other. I remembered that those "get the red out" eye drops dilate my eyes so I put a drop in the tiny pupil eye only and that evened them up again for a while. :)

I find that Huperzine A really helps a lot with the orthostatic issues but it contracts my pupils so they are both tiny and then the double vision doesn't go away after a few minutes like it normally would.

Also since I have been trying to get my infection load down, I have had two occasions where I had to go to the drug store 6 blocks away and I noticed that my old eye glass prescription that is usually blurry for me was much clearer. Almost like I won't need to get an upgrade if this keeps up. :woot: I hope so because I haven't found the energy to go to the eye doctor to get examined again.
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For years, I thought my vision problems were unrelated to my ME. I even got fully-automated LASIK vision correction surgery, which I thought would correct my vision problems. After the LASIK procedure, the computer analyzed the entire shape and function of my eyes and declared that I now had perfect vision. Except I didn't.

Later, I realized that my vision problems were not due to my eyes, but were due to dysautonomia from ME. Basically, the nerve that controls pupil constriction and pupil dilation wasn't working correctly.

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Very interesting @Judee. You are a warrior with this one. Such hopeful news, too. May you get a new and milder prescription sometime soon! Or at very least, not need anything stronger. So...you feel yours is connected to viral load?

Basically, the nerve that controls pupil constriction and pupil dilation wasn't working correctly.
I have blurry vision most of the time. Vaseline on my corneas, is how it feels. However, when I do cervical traction I often hit a place where things click into focus and I can see clearly, suggesting that some nerve is relieved. Dr. Hauser at Caring Medical (prolotherapist) says that blurry and double vision are often the result of strained cervical ligaments, injury to the vagus nerve and/or cranial cervical instability. I am not sure how much faith I'd place in him, but it certainly seems like my neck is the genesis of many ailments, including dyautonomia and blurry vision. In my case, I see the connection.