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Optic Nerve Thinning Suggests Fibromyalgia is “Neurodegenerative” Disease


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Evidence of damage to the unmyelinated small nerves in fibromyalgia continues to mount. After Several studies have found nerve loss or reduced nerve size in the peripheral nervous system (the skin and corneas of FM patients), but this was the first study to find evidence of small nerve fiber thinning in the central nervous system. Because a similar process occurs in neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease the authors asserted that FM is a neurodegenerative disease, as well.

Other neuro-imaging tests have found abnormalities in FM but are expensive. The ease, cost-effectiveness and non-invasive nature of these test used in this study suggested they could be used as a diagnostic tool to differentiate FM patients from other patients with pain. The subclinical nature of the nerve fiber losses indicated that they were not likely to affect eyesight.

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