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Glasgow, Scotland
Hi everyone again. For about 3 years I've been taking codeine (in the form of co-codamol) regularly every day to get relief from the continuous bombardment of severe brain fog and what I can only describe as horrible head feelings I've had non-stop, getting progressively worse since becoming ill in 2016. The codeine seems to quickly get rid of these head discomforts, allowing to me function somewhat without gritting my teeth with the feelings I describe. And since my brain hurts (or so it seems, but isn't actual physical pain) and strains itself whenever I try to think beyond my brain's mental capacity (which is very little), the codeine also helps to lift that pain threshold a bit higher, allowing my to think a little bit beyond that threshold (though it doesn't do anything to restore any actual cognitive function I've perminantly lost to the disease).

I hope that one day, I'll be able to get to the bottom of these symptoms, find a way to treat them and never have to take these tablets ever again. But just now, during the 5 years I've been ill, it's the only thing that's ever given me any relief. I know too that opioids apparently have an immunosuppressant effect, which intrigues me too as I suspect that these brain symptoms are autoimmune related.

I'm just wondering if anyone here has had similar experiences with opioids relieving brain fog symptoms, or has any ideas or theories to share regarding this.
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I might revisit LDN. Another thing I described to many doctors is a lack of usual endorphins after physical exercise after the onset of CFS. It was strange to me that my 'mood' was fine and I could still go to the gym when I was mild, but I got none of the wonderful 'boost' that I used to get in my pre-CFS days from working out. I would feel amazing after the gym. After CFS, the gym would just make me feel drained, but I did it anyways as I thought it was good for me. Sadly, it probably hastened my decline over the years.

I've never liked anything about opioids (the few times I received them after some medical procedure). They make me nauseous and hazy. But the LDN is supposed to work on the same receptors, so I wonder if you'd be a candidate for LDN?
I remember another post about this, maybe a couple of months ago, so it has helped others as well.

I tried a hydrocodone (350 mg) about a month ago for a migraine, and as in the distant past, it gave me three days of bad depression. You're fortunate you can tolerate opioids. I hope to never need them again, ever.

Rufous McKinney

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LDN, I would be interested to see what effects it would have without the euphoric effects

it has zero euphoric effects, in my opinion.

Its helped me, I take 3.5mgs, and when I ran out twice, unpleasant symptoms intensified - swellings inflaming and pain.

but LDN doesn't stop these things, in my case it just seems to lesson the intensity. I take it before bed.

I've noticed if I wake up in the wee hours, I can have a really really bad headache. I think thats the LDN blocking my opiod receptors around 3, 4 am.