Open Medicine Foundation 6X match tomorrow


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Facebook’s matching grant will run out quickly, so please be sure to make your donation as soon as the match launches on Tuesday, November 30, (5 AM Pacific / 8 AM Eastern / 1 PM London). All you have to do is follow this link to our Facebook Fundraiser, then click the “donate” button to make your gift. The matching contributions will be applied automatically.

FYI They're matching $8 million globally, not specific to OMF.
Hi can you please elaborate on this? If the money doesnt go to OMF the title must be a gross misrepresentation of what is going on.

"Get your gift to OMF 6x matched tomorrow only"


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OK....this is a real bummer. I donated to the OMF twice this year....and not once did I find out about this matching grant from FB.

We need a list of organizations that receive triple donations or even double and when they're doing it. I feel like I've just wasted my money and it's for such a worthy cause. Is this information available prior to a short time of making donations?

Another beef....I don't go on FB except about once every 6 wks. or so. A group I donated to, has completely taken over my page. True, I don't use it myself, but the fact is that people come on with questions and in need of help and there is no one there. Basically, my page has been hijacked and I'm not giving one dime to this org. next year and have already notified them not to send further messages.

I'm never this grumpy....but this has annoyed me. This isn't doing anyone any favors at all. Yours, Lenora.