On taking antivirals?


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I came across the following from Robert Navieux regarding the use of antivirals in Me/Cfs.Curious what your thoughts may be on this for those of us with reactivated ebv and hhv6 is it worth starting up knowing that it may inhibit the mitochondria and create epigenetic and metabolic changes mentioned below?

Looking through some of the older posts I sone people mentioning that it stopped working,felt worse or no effect despite viral titers going down.
and I wonder if this could be because of navieux's theory?

I was rx'd ldn,immunovir and now Famvir and a bit concerned about Famvir in the long run inhibiting mitochondrial functioning messing with neurotransmitters, metabolism,etc

Thank You

In addition, all antivirals have metabolic effects that have nothing to do with inhibiting viral DNA or RNA synthesis directly. Many antiviral drugs inhibit the key metabolic enzyme SAdenosylhomocysteine Hydrolase (SAHH). Inhibition of SAHH causes an increase in intracellular SAH levels. SAH is a potent inhibitor of DNA, RNA, protein, and small molecule methylation. This affects both viral and host cell epigenetics, gene expression, mRNA translation, and protein stability.
The inhibition of methylation reactions in the cell also affects neurotransmitter (dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin) and phosphatidylcholine membrane lipid synthesis, folate and B12 metabolism, and many other reactions. So by giving antivirals, doctors are not just inhibiting viruses, they are also inhibiting many host cell metabolic functions.
Sometimes the inhibition of host cell functions can attenuate ME / CFS symptoms for a time, but in other cases, using potent antiviral drugs inhibits mitochondrial and methylation reactions and can delay a full recovery from ME / CFS.