? on Natural Killer Cell function


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I need to make another appointment back with the Immunlogist (had to cancel my last one as i was trying to do too much) and are wanting to see if I can have my natural killer cell function tested as I've never had that test (only had their numbers tested)

The thing is.. Ive been on B12 injections and just read that improves their function. So im wondering how long I'd have to be off of the B12 injections to not have it affect my test result as I want an accurate test on what goes on in my body.

Any ideas?


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australia (brisbane)
I would just get the test done first and see what shows up then get a second one done off b12. Maked sure your test if nk function not just numbers like most labs. U can get any pathology place to take your blood, just get your doc to specify the lab its sent too. If u havent already read one of my threads, bond uni on the gold coast are doing an 18 month trial on cfs pts measuring their nk cell function verses a healthy control group, suprise suprise, after first round of tests the cfsers are showing poor nk cell function verse the healthy group. This leaves us open to infections and reactivation of old infections.

Heres the lab http://www.sswahs.nsw.gov.au/sswps/default_hb.htm , these guys do alot of other but takes abit to find your way around the site.