Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Macrophages


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Logan, Queensland, Australia
Hi Gigaphage, this research invokes almost every hot topic I have ever been interested in with biochemistry. It could mark the beginning of the end for type-2 diabetes. In 1993 I persuaded a local CFS doc to start trialling high dose omega-3s for CFS, but at the time this was short chain omega-3s: the evidence for long chain omega-3s was yet to dominate (and I was the first test subject). The finding of macrophage induced insulin resistance was also announced here in Australia not all that many months ago. I wonder if there weren't many groups around the world making the same discoveries at the same time? Some years after 1993 (2000?) I read Indian subcontinent research that implied the same thing. I guess its time to railroad ...

The question for those with XMRV is this: how do these pathways interact with XMRV induced cytokines?

Bye, Alex