OFFER 2010 Patient Education Conference - Videos posted


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Here is the link to the OFFER Utah Patient Conference web-page and videos:

The OFFER 2010 Patient Education Conference

"Advances in the Science and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia"

The Patient Conference

September 11, 2010​


1:15-2:00 pm
"Science-Based Medicine: Biomarkers for the Objective Diagnosis and Treatment of CFS."
Suzanne Vernon, PhD, Scientific Director, CFIDS Association of America

2:00-2:45 pm
"The Treatment of Fibromyalgia: The Need for Patient Physician Collaboration"
Patrick W. Wood, M.D., Pacific Rheumatology Associates, Chief Medical Officer, Angler Biomedical Technologies

3:15-4:00 pm
"The Utah Connection: Amazing local contributions to big time FM and CFS Research"
Lucinda Bateman, M.D., Fatigue Consultation Clinic, OFFER Executive Director


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I stumbled across these yesterday. The lectures by Patrick Wood on FM are really good, the research was especially interesting. We could really use someone with his smarts and resourcefulness (finagling the donated use of fMRI, etc.) in ME/CFS research. He's very much of the mind that Fibro is a neurological disease.

At one point Dr. Wood said that FM patients live without proper neurological filters - for pain inputs, in particular. I think this applies well to ME/CFS as well since some of the same pain issues arise plus we get frequently are photophobia and are noise intolerant. Not much of a filter for us either.

He's very keen on dopamine deficiencies in fibro patients.

There are some meds he uses that may be interesting for ME/CFS, I was too tired to take notes but perhaps I'll try again. He is big on Xyrem for those who can get insurance or can afford it.