Obama declassification -- time to request documents?



Too bad he has no reign over the UK. =/

But our government sure does love to get their attention llike a love starved bunny boiler. If the US released documents, it might put pressure on our lot but it's a looooong shot dependent on a shed load of requirements. Let's hope Cameron has got a crush on Obama and wants to show off how transparent and forward thinking he is whilst similarly chastising the Labour government for all their naughty secrecy (Wait, you say the Conservatives extended the secrecy limit? We'll just tell The Sun to gloss over that part...). I'm not cynical at all. :D

For the Americans, if there is something, find it, let your representatives know, they might have someone they can put on the case, an intern or researcher.


Request for info

Can anyone point me at a legitimate source that says that the CFS/ME documents in the UK are classified?

I would really like any possible background on this if any is to be found.

I need a good source, if possible, because I want to point some of my friends from the United States at a good source of info so that they can better understand the situation in the UK. They're fibro & CFS patients and I want them to understand that they should understand that something's not right over there!!! Thanks, folks...