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NY Times Interview with Klimas & Zilch from Cleveland Clinic Conference

Cleveland, Ohio


Senior Member
Unfortunately Silverman is playing it close to the vest on what was discussed in the closed door conference at Cleveland Clinic last week in this Plain Dealer news item by Angela Townsend: http://www.cleveland.com/healthfit/index.ssf/2009/11/cleveland_clinic_conference_pu.html

The reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote, "Silverman's lab has been trying to fill requests as quickly as possible, sending the virus DNA -- not the live virus -- by mail in a test tube. (The researcher can then insert the DNA into human cells in the lab, which makes the actual virus.)"

I was surprised by that. I thought Silverman would be sending RNA.


Senior Member
Advocate, I have no idea about this, but I wonder if it's pre-insertion DNA, which a researcher can insert into human DNA, thus creating virions.

RNA might be hard to assemble into a virus.

Viruses might be unsafe to send through the mail.

Just a guess.