numbness/blue finger


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hi--occasionally and not severely I get a bit of numbness in hands or toes usually after sleeping I chalked up to cervical stenosis and some compression.
Recently it has re-emerged intermittently last few weeks and wasnt too concerned but yesterday had an episode after lying down to rest mid day and my right middle finger went numb but it also turned blue-ish on bottom inside segment of it. I felt tingling in head and some wooziness during some of it. My whole hand felt slightly numb for part of the time. After a couple hours it subsided and then the discoloration went away too. I only had discoloration like that once before, I think same finger, after an oral surgeon pulled a tooth and they had a finger monitor on that finger and it was blue for an hour or two after. I dont really know why that happened though and it wasnt like the monitor was too tight. I figured could be low b/p I have plus neck compression and the dentist was not careful with my neck during that procedure.

any thoughts on what would cause that?


I get a blue finger too. 7 years ago I got nerve inflammation caused by carpal tunnel and it turned my thumb and forefinger semi-paralysed, and numb. When everything calmed down it started healing, and has done really well over the years. Now both thumb and finger work well, but there is still a slight loss of sensation/tingling in forefinger tip and tip of thumb. I don't expect that to ever go away.
I can live with that, no problem.
But the finger easily gets cold, and I often find it is blue in the mornings. I can easily fix it. I rub it hard and warm it up, then it turns white.
I keep rubbing it for a few minutes and exercise the arm and hand and it will turn pink again in minutes, and stay pink the rest of the day, even in cold weather.
I always thought it was disturbed circulation in that area (?)

Could it be that sleeping stagnates circulation into peripheral areas....probably.