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My situation is very horrible. 5-6 years ago I started had strange symptoms. Doctor put me on fibromyalgia and CFS diagnosis and washed their hands. But, I understood that, by all blood tests, which I passed during this time, that is viral infection. I started passed viral infections test by test, and finally, when I was in Kiev, I passed HHV 6 test from whole blood which was positive (sensations rate 200 copies). My result was 13000 copies per 1 ml. I came back to GB and asked GP send me for this test. They send my test and it was negative, becaus test was done from plasma (sensations rate 100000 copies). They explain me that it's British standard for HHV 6 test. They don't have any tests. Doctor told me that I should agreed with my two diagnosis and stop any investigations. I am really feeling like viral infection patient. Can somebody recommending me the proper way in my situation.