Non-diabetic Hypoglycemia, Brain Fog, Any cures?

I have been dealing with chronic brain fog and disorientation for the last few years, which after trying many many things I have had no success in resolving. Initially I'd been focused on the gut ,but now I suspect maybe blood sugar is a more likely issue.

Specifically hypoglycemia. I have raised this issue with docs, but they just say 'you are not diabetic' and brush me off, they don't seem to realise hypoglycemia can occur in non-type 1 diabetics.. doh.

Anyway, my blood sugars don't often crash anything alarmingly low, but they seem to fall after eating very quickly, so it seems that it may be some kind of reactive hypoglycemia / excess insulin production. We have a huge family history of T1 and T2 diabetics.

I have gone low carb again, as in the past 5 years, the only periods where I've seen any glimpse of improvement has coincided with me being low carb/keto.

But I'd like to know if anyone has any novel therapies / ideas on how to fix/treat/manage non diabetic hypoglycemia beyond the generic (low carb, small meals etc advice.)

Are there any particular nutrients or supplements people have found particularly effective?

Been tested for hypothyroid, liver/kidney issues etc.

I suspect the issue really is life long (or at least through out my adult life), but the brain fog and disorientation are now chronic (not relieved by eating, although the intensity varies - but I never feel truly well and clear headed, and haven't done for a long while.)


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This is probably caused by reactive hyperinsulinism. This has been diagnosed and verified in my case. You'd need to do a prolonged oGTT with multiple insulin and glucose measurements for this.

My solution to this was to eliminate the trigger, i.e. sugars, carbs. I'm now on a keto diet.