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NHS CFS/ME Occupational Guidance for Healthcare Professionals


Near Cognac, France
There is little to commend this NHS document, but are the following excerpts fully consistent with the current NHS blanket policy of CBT/GET or the information provided to patients.



It should also be noted that the research studies on CBT excluded those patients who were too ill to attend or to continue attending CBT sessions.

CBT does not work well where the patient still shows signs of a current infection


Although some RCTs show evidence of improved functional capacity for work and reduced fatigue, some patients experience a significant deterioration in symptoms with this intervention.

The following factors have been identified as predictors of poorer work outcomes in individuals with CFS/ME ............

higher number of physical signs such as lymphadenopathy

"Patients recovering (sic) from a viral illness (sic) should be advised to avoid both prolonged resting and over-exertion once the acute illness has passed. Inappropriate advice given to patients in the early stages of fatigue may adversely affect their long-term outcome