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Newer SSRI has any used it

I did try it - gave me the same effects as another more popular SNRI Duloxetin - the serotonin part calmed down my senses a lot, less pain etc, but the noradrenaline effect led to severe anxiety so I had to stop quickly.

I tried around 10 different SSRI/SNRIs and they all worked more or less the same - SSRI calmed down my general sensitivity and SNRI added some extra alertness and anxiety to that.

Among all, sertraline had less side effects and was most effective but as soon as the serotonin inhibition got to a certain level and I got some positive effects from it, I almost lost the ability to pee plus got pretty bad pelvic pain (spasm?) at night.
I’ve wondered if I would be able to tolerate it as it has a unique mode of action
Sounds like a supercharged ssri most of which I cannot tolerate

As fare as I know, it is all very individual. For me, sertraline was the best in terms of tolerance - I started with 25mg for a week and then switched to 50.

Brintellix was ok in terms of tolerance too, but its effect was mostly negative.

What I also noticed, that adding 10-30mg (3 x 10mg per day) of Baclofen increased overall tolerance of SSRIs and boosted the effect so that in most cases I felt that I was coming into a remission with a week or two. I had no issue to wean Baclofen off gradually when I realised that I got urinary issues every time I felt better from any combination of SSRI and Baclofen.