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New UK ME film (with similar title!) - "All About ME" (MEA post)


XMRV - L'Agent du Jour
Please see the attached post from the UK's ME Association re a new short ME film from the UK which is now on YouTube.


McCarrick Films: 'All About ME'



This is a new short documentary film (in two parts) about Laura Fursland, a very promising young music student who developed ME following an episode of glandular fever, with complications, at the age of 18.

The film deliberately concentrates on Laura's story and how it has affected all aspects of her life - in particular how her life is now "on hold" and her plans to go to university to study music.

The medical input - covering key symptoms, possible causation, drug treatments and the losses/social isolation of living with ME at this age - is briefly inserted at various points.

The film is not intended to focus on the medical and science behind ME/CFS.

This film was made last year at Teesside University and on location.

Background information and advice was provided by The ME Association.

MEA website: http://www.meassociation.org.uk