New type of "MCAS attack" at night.


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I've been trying to figure out how to sleep best, because if I sleep on my back the post-nasal drip apparently leads to a bronchospasm at some point (I wake up gasping for breath, feeling like I can't breathe, which lasts perhaps half a minute and can be accompanied by an adrenaline rush), and it also might lead to "exploding head" type symptoms. If I sleep on my left side I don't get this problem. However, if I don't sleep with quite a bit of head elevation I tend to get head and neck pain, the problem being I can't keep my eyes covered the way I usually do, (because the scarf I use falls off at some point), and so they dry out, get that gritty/sandy sensation, and tear up. I decided to try sleeping with a blanket over my head (while sleeping on my left side with a lot of elevation), and that worked well until last night, when it got too hot. I started to get itchiness all over and had trouble getting back to sleep (after sleeping a few hours), so I took the blanket off my head and after just a couple minutes I developed a dry cough that wouldn't let up, and then that seemed to trigger eye tearing, and then came a runny nose. I put the blanket back over my head and was able to get back to sleep, probably losing no more than about half an hour in total. I think my eyes and throat need to be kept from drying out, though perhaps the temperature can't get too low either. I'm posting this to see if others have similar issues, and if so, what you have tried that seemed to help. I'll update this post if and when new developments in this context occur.