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New research provides insight into Long COVID and ME


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They propose that, following an initial viral infection or stressor event, the subsequent systemic pathology moves to the brain via neurovascular pathways or through a dysfunctional blood-brain barrier. This results in chronic neuroinflammation, leading to a sustained illness with chronic relapse recovery cycles.

The model proposes healing does not occur because a signal continuously cycles from the brain to the body, causing the patient to relapse.

The creation of this model is not only important for the "huge research effort ahead", but also to provide recognition for ME/CFS and Long COVID sufferers.

"These diseases are very closely related, and it is clear the biological basis of Long COVID is unequivocally connected to the original COVID infection—so there should no longer be any debate and doubt about the fact that post viral fatigue syndromes like ME/CFS are biologically based and involve much disturbed physiology," Emeritus Professor Tate says.”

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Rufous McKinney

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This results in chronic neuroinflammation, leading to a sustained illness with chronic relapse recovery cycles.

I'm a bit frustrated, currently. So many of my issues could be tied to something is wrong in the spine and the cervical weakness and Brian stem collapse.

With my spinal problems and issues (a list since I was born)...I know the virus ALSO weakened these ligaments.

Looking at how to correct the spinal alignment issues, is overwhelming as I don' t see how I can undo the lifetime of incorrect alignments, now ever worsening.

so all that is ALSO causing neuroinflammation I suspect.
A lot of the things proposed in that theory could be Vagas nerve related. So many theories and so many proposed cures. What conclusions I have drawn is that it is a systemic disease which manifests itself in various forms, depending on the individual. The event that triggers this disease are widely varied as well. Hopefully the long Covid population has brought some needed research funding to find some answers. My fear is that conventional western medicine can be so focused on a specific thing that they fail to see how things are interconnected. It is an interesting theory, but it may not be the root cause, just another symptom explained.