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New Research Provides Images of Brain Dysfunction in ill Gulf War Veterans


Senior Member
Monday, June 18, 2012

By Anthony Hardie, 91outcomes.com


The research results show that Gulf War veterans with CMP are significantly more sensitive to heat pain than healthy Gulf War veteran controls, and fMRI images provide objective confirmation of this. And, this hypersensitivity to heat pain is magnified following exercise in the Gulf War veterans with CMP, in some cases as much as tripling. For the healthy Gulf War veterans, sensitivity to heat pain did not change relative to before and after exercise.



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Sth Australia
Interestingly, Dr. Cook’s research has shown Gulf War veterans with CMP show excessive pain sensitivity to one type of painful stimuli -- heat pain -- but not to another, pressure pain. According to Dr. Cook, the body of fibromyalgia research shows fibromyalgia (FM) patients have hypersensitivity to both heat pain and pressure pain, an important difference between the two groups.

and Id personsally think that in MEwould be different in some then to those two groups findings. With some who also have FM showing the FM findings but others possibly showing a less heat pain sensation then a control group would. (I say that due to my own experience of loosing all ability to feel hot water at times.. rather like MS findings.. would ME be closer to those in general or not?) ...

Its good to see that not only a control group was used but also different illnesses being compared together.