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New hopes after wisdom teeth surgery, but...what to do now?


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Hi all,
finally, Im 10 days now after wisdom teeth surgery. I was looking forward but afraid too of this operation - look forward for possibility of immune restart after surgery - bad teeths gone, relief from possible inflammation...and afraid of general anesthesia and my CFS.

Im really happy - general anesthesia was completely OK - no PEM after it, and when I woke up, I was like healthy person!!! So amazing feeling!!! I prayed to God to get this state forever! No more inflammation feelings, no more fatigue, no more pain in my muscles - I was happy...like new person!

Next 3 days I had a fever from surgery - 37,5C...it was great! Like my immune system works well again...so amazing! This days was like dream for me - I did not mind that my mouth hurt so much!

2 important lessons from previous rows:
- anesthesia overlays my CFS suffering (how does it work?)
- fever makes me better...always! (please, anoyne know some more about this functioning/it may be a clue for something?)

But one amazing week is gone - when fever was gone, my difficulties began to return slowly :-(
Now is my CFS back with full strength. OI is back, inflammation of my body is back and massive fatigue after every exricise is back too. Im back in my bed for most of the day. :-(
I'm so disappointed!!!

now I do not know what to do...

I started quality CBD oil this week and still trying to go Cowden protocol. I know, when I go back to KDM, he wants me to get "persister protocol" for Lyme. I'm not sure if this is the way, Im not sure about Lyme in my cause (no ATB protocol was working for me in past...no herxes). Now I trying to get some HBOTs, because this therapy helps me a lot in last year and it is only thing, what makes me better, to get out of bed.

I would like to find out if there may be some clue with my fever what makes me better. I have to do something, because the wait is endless! I hope there is some new hopes...
I wish these Christmas were beautiful for everyone!



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Great that you got though the op, @MartinK, without a crash. It's fairly common for people with ME to feel better when they have a fever, but then go back to being ill again as soon as the fever subsides. It's potentially an important clue as to what's going on with our immune systems, but it doesn't help us in the short term, when we start feeling awful again.

I'm sorry you've gone back to Square 1, and I hope you feel some improvement soon with rest. You may find that you're having a delayed reaction to the surgery, so don't feel too despondent – you may pick up again when your body has recovered fully. Fingers crossed!


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This is such interesting news @MartinK ! I am very pleased for you that the surgery went well, and you didn't react badly to the anesthesia.
But more than that, it all helped you feel better! Wow. Good job. I wonder if the fever spiking a bit like that had an effect to kick-start the immune system in some way? I have always wondered about that (my own little theory I often wonder about), but have heard that fever doesn't work for everyone,


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This is interesting. I hope your newfound wellness returns soonand just wanted to mention that I know someone who claims to have a noticeable improvement since having extractions of teeth that were getting infected at the roots. He is not by any means better but has sustained a better quality of life for over a year now.
2 months ago i went 15 min in my homemade infraredsauna because i
had a lot of headache and fatique from a cold virus. Thought if i create a fever i kill the virus and sweat some toxins out.
The same day and the next couple of days i felf amazing. Lots of energy. Posting somewhere how to make you’re own infrared.
Then i crashed very hard. It’s a possibility that you were high for a couple a days on stress hormones.
I think because of the heat from the fever the adrenals are pumping out more adrenaline and cortisol.
That gives a false sense of welbeing.
But i have adrenal fatique so maybe it’s different from you’re problems. I really have to learn not to stimulate the adrenals to charge up the battery’s.
Also had my wisdom tooth gemoved 3 months ago. Still swollen a little bit.
45 minutes of drilling and pulling. Was very deep close to a nerve.
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maybe some day

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West coast
Teeth and gums are the entry way directly to the blood stream. If you can solve problems there, your better off. Even if you cant feel the difference, your giving your body a fighting edge


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Hey, thanks all for response!
Questions about fever and immunity process associated with are really important to me!
Maybe this is the way for me - this is, why Im starting to thinking about St. Georg clinic - and make hypertermia.

I am very disappointed that I can not find much investigation about fever and (auto)immune responses.

There are only two things in my CFS what makes me better in those hard and tough five years:
- fever

KDM and some other drs still told about Lyme in my cause, but Im really uncertain with it, because no treatment (tetracyclines, rifampin, azithromycines, cowden and more) dont make me better...and dont make me herx!

I have been uncertain in the last few weeks about what to do next :-/
I would like to try a lot high doses of IVIG, but its no possible with my blood tests.
Hope for more HBOTs with start of 2019! And maybe...maybe St. Georg.

And one thing for @Lucky luke and sauna - sauna makes me relaxed in past, but last year is horrible for me - I crashed hard after it and makes my inflammation massive! Im really sensitive for hot and warm from last year. I'm like Papin's pot last one year. Colder rooms and cold weather makes me better for sure.