new furniture outgassing


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Open windows if you can.

Also though they are hard to come by these days and sometimes smell like the perfume ad inserts, if you can get some untainted newspapers to lay over the furniture it will act like charcoal of sorts and help absorb some of that.

You will also need to change out the papers often though as they get saturated with the odors.

If you cannot get those, I found a cotton thermal blanket very helpful with a foam wedge I bought for my Mom last year.

It also did a good job of absorbing the odors but again, it has to be washed once it gets saturated with the smell and I still did need to open the windows when I could.

I agree with Ben, too. Move it outside, if you can, or at least to a room where you can close the door.

Unfortunately, it still took a couple of weeks before I could put it under her mattress and even then I covered it with a sheet.
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Hi....Yes, smells can often be difficult for so many of us. Repeated washings can help, but most definitely not with furniture.

If you have some strong men handy, I agree that putting the offending items outside is very helpful. Not on a humid day though as that can often make things worse.

Failing that, charcoal absorb odors but can be very messy. Put it in piles on newspaper around the items would be helpful and wearing latex gloves when disposing of it would be helpful.

I can't sleep on things like mattresses for a long time if they smell. We all have our own tolerance for such odors. Keeping the doors to a certain room closed can help and yes, opening the windows. Some fabrics are just terrible....! Good luck in things smelling better. Yours, Lenora.

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Move it outside for a while.

Increase ventilation. I am looking into room ventilators (with heat recovery), but they make too much noise. Also, I am renting, and I am nervous about asking the landlady about drilling a hole in her wall!

Take enough B12.


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Oh gosh, that outgassing is the worst!
Everything has to go outside or in the porch until it finishes outgassing.

I once bought a new car and it stunk. I found it later it was on a list (yes, there is a list!) of the worst outgassing cars. That thing outgassed for 7 or 8 years, I kid you not. Whenever it was in the sun....and I live on a tropical stunk.