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New Facebook Group for Chiari, CCI, AAI, Tethered cord, etc.


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Hi all,

I just wanted to share a new Facebook group for Chiari, CCI, AAI, Tethered cord, etc.,

It is an offshoot of an existing group that has already grown to its optimal size. A contingent of patients from that group have volunteered to offer peer support to anyone pursuing / ruling out the above diagnoses.


Several are post-surgery so can also answer questions about that experience.

Facebook is not the best format for in-depth discussion but can be great for getting individualized questions answered. Hope it can be a complement to the great discussions and support happening here!



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Though I do not have Chiari, had a couple Facebook friends who did during the years I was on FB and in some fibro groups.
If you happen to cross paths with an Elyse G, who was having quite a serious struggle with Chiari in 2013-2017; might you pass along that F. Scott, and Grumman cat and Georgie cat, are still doing okay?

After the several times FB kicked me out, and one time for clearly and media-documented lies about their "Malware Checkpoint" thing, I'm not willing to trust and use FB again.
Had some great friends there.
Miss them.
Cork, Ireland
Hi Jennifer,

I sent a request to join the group about a week ago but haven't been approved yet. Is it possible that you could take a look. :)