New evidence of the dirty tricks and intimidation Prof Wessely and wife still use


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I thought this was worth posting as it reveals the type of very dirty tricks that are still played by both Sir Professor Simon Wessely and his wife. (Is he still a member here by the way?)

Dr Emma Reinhold is an unusual GP who knows about ME, EDS, POTS and MCAS and speaks out about the fashion to label patients with a MUS diagnosis by doctors who lack the knowledge of these conditions.

She is working towards creating a toolkit for doctors about EDS. However, she tweeted to Dr Ben Goldacre about the discredited PACE trial, not knowing his connection to Wessely. Read her two tweets below to see how this led to intimidation and threats by both Dr CG, Wessely's wife, and Wessely himself. They apparently don't care about damaging patients. Note too that DR ER had been instructed not to mention the word 'fatigue' in the EDS toolkit..........if she is still permitted to create it after criticising PACE. What a strangle-hold these unethical, powerful people have in the UK Establishment to the very serious detriment of patients.

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