New evidence links age-related cognitive decline & the gut microbiome


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I thought some of those here might find this interesting. I'm a bit skeptical of the value of the findings. It looks like there's lots of potential for arranging the experiment and interpreting the results to get a desired result (newsworthiness). I haven't looked for the original paper, but I'm wondering if they did a control group using a fecal transplant from young mice as well. If not, it could just be that having a giant pick you up and shove something up your butt makes you behave older. :wide-eyed:

Rufous McKinney

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Here is a website claiming to have reviewed the sci literature- and there is a lack of study on- benefits. (thats the common name of Laminaria japonica).

This article is- itself misleading, the title..Kombu Seaweed Has No Benefits No Matter What Social Media Says

Thats a pretty lame title.

Again-who is going to make huge profits from studying intently- a common seaweed people commonly eat.?

I may try a form of some marine algae my chinese herbalist has..its flakes you can sprinkle on your food.. but I could not figure out what it was.. (I could not keep up with the spelling of know, our fun cognitive..).