New documentary: "The ME scandal"

The original thread on this topic was a bit unclear. Hence, a new thread with new description.

A new Norwegian two part documentary named "The ME scandal" has been released. It has English subtitles so everyone can see! It exposes the fraudulent science behind CBT/GET, Lightning Process, the PACE trial and the Wessely school, as well as lobbying and networking to the very top of political power, illegal discrimination of ME patients, biomedical findings, corrupt media, and much, much more.

It includes news articles, TV and radio clips, research articles, social media posts, op-eds, patient stories, etc. from both the biopsychosocial and biomedical view, and briliantly reveals how personal commercial interests and prestige in the biopsychosocial view has corrupted their approach.

The two part documentary has gotten great reviews, and is a must see for everyone.. It has been describes as "a gift to all ME patients". See this thread where a doctor describes the documentary as a "scientific Unrest movie":

The two part documentary which has nearly 9.000(!) views in just one week can be seen here:

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Impossible to believe that the same insurance-funded frauds try the same trick again with COVID-19 long haulers.


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Get this through your thick skull's everyone.

NO DOCTOR cares about your ME/CFS. They'll take your money, then shuffle you off to the Psychiatrist's office as soon as possible. Once you understand that, you'll be in better shape mentally. It's all about the money!