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New blog by The CFS Patient Advocate re: WPI


Contaminated Cell Line 'RustyJ'
Mackay, Aust
Discusses the anti WPI push. As usual an eloquent and insightful article.

Timely in the light of the WPI's Institute opening. Also worth mentioning, for those who have been less than enthusiastic with WPI's performance, that despite the considerable forces mounted against them, and their own very limited resources, they have continued to keep the ball rolling by exploring every avenue available to them.

For example, of late, WPI has scheduled:
  • Institute opening
  • XMRV symposium
  • Ampligen tie-in
  • Media interviews



Senior Member
Hmm, the link doesn't work (anymore?). I also can't find the article on the first page of the blog.


Senior Member
The blog works for me, but the latest post is from the 2th of august and it's about Amy Dockser Marcus. The direct link to the article RustyJ posted doesn't work.


Senior Member
He's taken it down for a bit. It will be back up again soon.


XMRV - L'Agent du Jour
Hello Patient Advocate,

I found the commnets about Dr Kerr v worrying, as a UK patient. He is one of the best hopes we have.

Can you say please, who is 'the bearer of this message' you mention above who is dissuading researchers from looking into XMRV and the CFS/ME connection? Do you mean specific people or an organisationational board taking a decision to cut funding (such as MRC in the UK). Did you mean in the UK or the US or both?

As a patient in the UK I receive newsletters from Dr Kerr's CFS Research Foundation (as well as the MEA) and I regularly check ME Research UK and the Invest in ME websites - no one has mentioned that Dr Kerr is on the way out. What is happening here please - can you be specific?

WHO exactly is deterring these people or being responsible for cutting their research budgets? We cannot take action unless we know who exactly this person(s) is/are.

Many thanks


Senior Member
The PA is Dangerously correct in everything he has said about CDC, cover-ups/kill off

I am really most disturbed by the total lack of funding for Dr. Kerr's genetics work on CFIDS/ME. "THEY" are trying and doing it well, to kill off any and all work on CFIDS/ME research, including genetics. This is beyond deplorable and must end.

Again, no X-Files fan here, but this is just more and more fuel for the conspiracy fire that our governments are trying like crazy to kill off all research and understanding of our disease - and their role in it. This can't happen and I suggest we get on the stick NOW and start the screaming at CDC, NIH, the folks that employed Dr. Kerr, the UK Government regarding Kerr's work, and to the very top reaches. We also need to engage the media.

When will this end? When will our governments give up and give in that they have played a very dangerous role - central role - in this disease and a 30 year long cover-up? This is NOT about money or egos. This is far more nefarious.

The PA is also correct that a major effort has been launched to damage the credibility of the WPI. I have seen it on this forum and did not care for what I was reading. Sorry, don't mean to start any wars, but, the WPI is the ONLY real research group doing anything of value for us. So, do NOT attack, demean, etc. WPI NOW. Not now. For those with a couple of bucks/Euros, PLEASE give what you can to the WPI so that they can continue to do what our governments refused to do for 30 years.
If we do not support and back WPI nothing more will be done for us.
Once I get off this forum, I will be heading over to the WPI site and giving money. I give in small amounts from time to time and will continue to do so.

READ what the PA has said. It could not have been written any better. This guy has his finger on the pulse of what is going on. Read him. Then send what little you can spare to the WPI. Thanks -