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New article "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Crashing and Burning


Senior Member
Tasmania, Australia
Thanks Jody for this article. It has given me an extra tip or two to help stop my body from sliding further into that dreaded abyss.

It was great that you knew how to take care of yourself when crashing and that you've come back to tell the tale.:)

I also find it somewhat of a shock, when going so well, to find a flaring up of old symptoms. Thankfully these periods are more spaced apart and shorter in duration with the passing of time.

It does surprise me what can bring back symptoms. Yesterday I read out one chapter too many to my daughter (the book was far too interesting to put down). My voice started to go and I could barely talk. After a couple of hours of total rest in bed I was somewhat better. Needless to say I took it easy today and it was my daughter who read out the next exciting installment. :)

Sounds like you have a great naturopath. The extra support that she provides must be such a comfort. My naturopath has also made herself available to me and I like the security that she'll be there for me.

Hugs and blessings,



Senior Member

I'm glad you found a new tip or two.

Though you sound to me like an old hand at dealing with the ups and downs of this illness. It's true though, isn't it, that no matter how much experience we have with it, it's always a shock when it happens again.